Our Client Service

Our Client Service

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Efficient account management is the single most crucial aspect in creating client value and satisfaction.

Excalibur Security Services Inc handles our accounts through a position represented customer service manager. The structure of the organization that we have crafted is exclusively based on finest practices and is similar to the way that a developed property management firm operates. Each manager has a portfolio of customers that she or he deals with and their aspiration is to bring all of our corporate resources together to assure that the security scheme at each site is professionally managed.

Our Client Service

Depending on the requirements and its facility, professionals meet with our customers on a periodic basis to converse changes, to acknowledge upcoming issues, and in general, just to share details to assure that we are delivering above expectations. They also canvass feedback so that we can enhance upon past performance. Smaller sites with well-defined and mature schemes may need monthly meetings, whereas developing and large programs may need daily contact.

Managers take exclusive responsibility for the sites that they handle. Site Managers and Site Supervisors report precisely to the CSMs and execute any required modifications instantly. For after-hours requests, Zone Supervisors and Field Managers help in the procedure and will attend the sites at any hour to assure that problem are dealt with properly and professionally. Zone Supervisors and Field Managers take direction from managers.

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Trained to our standards, which often exceed industry minimums. Our staff is licensed, trained and certified to the provincial requirements, supported by further internal training.

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