Company History

Company History

Excalibur Security Services Inc has same values of exclusively investing in the highest quality security systems and equipment and our commitment, client-focused approach remain as strong as ever.

We have been offering security system monitoring and installation services, scaffold provision and various different security services to enhancing sites and temporary construction spaces for years. Flexibility is a firm consideration when investing in any form of service, which is why our security deals are customized to your exact requirements on a short-term, long-term, or one-off basis.

Company History

Officially recommended and completely reliable

We specialize in the comprehensive and secure protection of all forms of a commercial and industrial environment and have been executing so for years. Our unit works hard to provide high standard site security solutions, be it mobile response, alarm monitoring, CCTV installation or scaffold alarms.

We make sure that the overall quality of our service is continuously maintained through strict monitoring procedures, both externally and internally.

The thoroughness of our firm’s quality assessments and own practices are backed up by those of the top monitoring bodies in the security industry.

About Us

Excalibur Security Services Inc

Excalibur Security Services to protect your property as one of the reputable security alarm companies- our devotion to quality....

Our staff are trained

Trained to our standards, which often exceed industry minimums. Our staff is licensed, trained and certified to the provincial requirements, supported by further internal training.

We prevent and protect

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